Twomey & Ramsey, LLP's Practice Areas

Construction Law & Litigation


Public & Private Construction Projects

Twomey  & Ramsey, LLP employs attorneys who have represented hundreds of construction trades, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and distributors in both public and private construction projects throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut.  Our attorneys have extensive experience advocating for our clients and have successfully resolved disputes through state and federal courts, as well as, alternative dispute resolution (ADR).


Mechanics Liens, Surety Bonds & Payment Security

You work hard on every project you engage in.  Our skilled attorneys work hard to advise our clients of their legal rights and remedies and enforce those rights when payments are delayed or stopped.  Twomey & Ramsey, LLP and its experienced construction lawyers are well versed in asserting their clients' construction based security measures, including but not limited to mechanics liens, public bonds, private bonds, reach & apply Injunctions, and property attachments.  These remedies are designed to protect contractors, subcontractors and materials suppliers and provide security in the event payment has not been made for the labor, services and materials furnished during construction.  Many of these statutory protections are time sensitive and highly technical in their enforcement, and meeting these requirements can crucial to successfully enforceable these rights. The attorneys at Twomey  & Ramsey, LLP have enforced and litigated mechanics lien claims, bond claims and numerous other payment security measures for its clients throughout New England, in both state federal jurisdictions.


Bidding, Bid Protests & Contract Review

Bidding projects is a part of your daily routine and how you earn your business and living.  But what happens when you are the lowest eligible, responsible bidder on a public project and lose the bid or some other injustice or inequity comes between you, the awarding authority and winning the bid?  Our attorneys know how and when to engage in a bid protest and injunctive relief that can mean the difference  between winning and losing the bid.  And when you do win the bid, Twomey & Ramsey, LLP's experienced attorneys advise their clients on countless construction contract clauses, their meanings, impacts and possible alternative beneficial wordings, including but not limited to change order work, construction delays, loss of productivity, acceleration, extra work or time and material work, indemnification, and pay-if/when-paid clauses.

Estate Planning & Administration


Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

Estate Planning allows you to control and protect what you have earned and worked for your whole life for the benefit of you, your spouse, family and loved ones. Twomey & Ramsey, LLP and its experienced estate attorneys have prepare a wide array of wills and trusts for their clients ranging from simple wills to complex-multi-million dollar trusts. These legal tools and estate vehicles, and others, are designed to protect your assets and ensure that those assets and property are conveyed in the manner you desire. 


Estate Administration & Settlement

The  estate settlement process can often be overwhelming.  Whether your loved one passed away with, or without, a will the process can be complicated and completed more easily with the assistance of an attorney experienced in estate administration. The purpose of this process is to  settle your loved one's personal affairs, including gathering assets and paying bills while assuring that their assets are distributed according to the wishes and estate documents. Twomey &  Ramsey, LLP can guide you through the appropriate process of estate  administration during the most difficult of times. 


Elder Law & Caregivers

The  attorneys at Twomey & Ramsey, LLP take a practical approach to  aiding you and your loved ones for the future based on a case-by-case  detailed analysis of your needs, wants, assets and obligations.  From drafting caregiver agreements, healthcare proxies, advanced healthcare directives, HIPPA releases and powers of attorney, our goal is to protect your rights, provide your family with necessary healthcare planning tools and maximize your local, state and federal benefits while maintaining  your estate to allow you to live comfortably. 

Commercial Litigation & Business Law


Commercial Litigation

Businesses have disputes in their everyday transactions, relationships and contracts. At Twomey & Ramsey, LLP we are business owners too. We understand the stress and expense involved when "good" deals go "bad", and advise our broad range of business-owner clients and help them through the issues, transactions and controversies that they face. Whether that means pursuing injunctive relief to protect their interests, obtaining real estate or bank attachments to secure their rights or providing defenses to avoid and mitigate against claims.


Asset Protection

Managing your business is an important part of your company’s success and allows you to grow and expand your business and satisfy your customers. Twomey & Ramsey, LLP understands the ever changing needs of its clients and knows that with the growth of a business or personal estate comes increased risk, exposure and liability. Twomey & Ramsey, LLP is experienced in recognizing these areas and offering its legal services to assist its clients in reducing and controlling their liability and limiting their risk by protecting their company’s assets, as well as  their personal assets.  In many ways we serve de facto in-house counsel and advisers for our clients providing them critical and timely information to protect their  assets, investments and opportunities. 


Business Creation & Development

The  attorneys at Twomey & Ramsey, LLP have organized and created  various types of legal entities, including but not limited to Limited  Liability Companies (LLC), Incorporated entities (Inc.), Professional Corporations (PC) and  Partnerships (LPs and LLPs) for an array of industry sections from the construction industry to day spa services to real estate developers. Protecting our clients’ assets and making every effort to limit their liability is our goal and our experience and understanding of the laws surrounding these legal entities critical to achieving these goals.

Corporate Collections and Commercial & Retail Collections


Corporate Collections

Twomey & Ramsey, LLP is experienced in corporate collections ranging from collecting monies owed to corporations in the construction industry for labor provided and/or materials supplied to pursuing our clients’ rights for professional services rendered. Twomey Ramsey, LLP employs skilled attorneys who are knowledgeable of the various legal security measures and attachments, liens and garnishment methods available to our clients in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut to obtain the monies owed and optimize their recovery.


Commercial & Retail Collections

Twomey & Ramsey, LLP’s Commercial and Retail Collections Group focuses on the collection of commercial and consumer debts, enforcing judgments, pre and post judgment security and creditor’s rights. Twomey & Ramsey, LLP pursues these claims in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut, as well as throughout the country via a network of affiliated attorney’s. Our attorneys represent creditors in industries ranging from the healthcare service industry, industrial and wholesale markets, consumer credit services and the construction industry. Our firm uses case management software to maximize efficiency, as well as provide our clients with a user-interface giving them real-time status updates and information relative to their cases and claims.


Real Estate Transactions & Law

Twomey & Ramsey, LLP has represented many of its clients in commercial and residential real estate transactions and closings and assisted them throughout the purchase and sale process.  Whether your purchase is bank financed or a cash transaction, Twomey & Ramsey, LLP is experienced in negotiating and drafting to suit our clients' conveyancing needs.  Our skilled attorneys additionally have years of real estate litigation experience ranging from ensuring our client's obtain the full and complete benefit of their purchases, to boundary disputes, to litigating neighbor-to-neighbor disputes.